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Members of Ascend Training by Stenograph want to go beyond "getting by" and "good enough." They want to earn more and have more free time. They know that every tip they learn and integrate into their work process is a step toward higher income, efficiency, and a more confident, comfortable existence in this industry.

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Members have access to at least one new webinar (attend live or watch on-demand any time) on a different topic each month, taught by Cindi Lynch or other guest experts. There will be articles and "handouts" to help you learn each topic, plus a community willing to share their real-world experience in a secure, polite, professional, supportive environment.

You can get answers to questions during weekly Q & A sessions (which you can attend live or watch on-demand any time). You'll learn features & shortcuts that make measurable improvements to your speed, accuracy, and productivity.

NOTE: We believe that learning doesn't happen in a set number of hours at a time; thus, this community has not been designed with a focus on earning national or state continuing education credit. This community is for professionals and aspiring professionals who want to learn when they have time, as they have time, in just the amount of time it takes them.

The Profession Needs People Like Us!

The future of our profession lies not only in our numbers but in our ability to produce an accurate record, top-quality captions, and/or CART services that meet the needs of our various clients. We thank everyone for their dedication to this profession, and we look forward to helping you to work with greater ease and less stress so that you can reap greater rewards for your efforts and skill!